When Did Christianity Begin?

The Sovereignty of God in all of Life

tsp-episode-040In Episode 40 we discuss whether or not Christianity had a beginning.

Your hosts, Rob and Bob, discuss Christianity and the those who think it had a beginning, had a start, and that Jesus did not exist. How will we handle certain questions about where Christianity came from and how we know this? We also consider a variety of different biblical figures within the context of wondering how these ancient people knew about God and to what extent they knew God.  Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, Abraham, and what about Job and his friends? How did they know God so well and yet miss the point so much?

We will discuss these and other questions today on Theology Simply Profound.

Theology Simply Profound is a podcast of Westminster Presbyterian Church, an Orthodox Presbyterian Church, serving the western suburbs of Chicago, where God powerfully speaks through his means of grace.