The Book of Revelation – Part 21

Most of us often ask the question; “Why?” It’s only natural to wonder about life. Why did I get a flat tire? Why did my friend get sick, why did I get sick? Our church friends are correct when they tell us to trust in God even though our personal understanding of the situation can’t […]

The Book of Revelation – Part 20

The more we understand who we are and who Christ is the more we understand our sin. We realize that even in our best moments we are not without our own sinful desires. However; this should not lead us to believe that all that we ever do is sin. God has saved us to do good […]

The Book of Revelation – Part 19

Revelation 20. So much hinges on this passage. Is the Kingdom of God only 1000 years long, are their two or more kingdoms? How can anyone say that Satan has been bound when there is evil in this world? Today we are looking at a passage that has been debated for 2000 years and I […]

The Book of Revelation – Part 18

And again Jesus spoke to them in parables, saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a wedding feast for his son, and sent his servants to call those who were invited to the wedding feast, but they would not come. Again he sent other servants, saying, ‘Tell those who […]

The Book of Revelation – Part 17

Chapter 17 talked about this Great City that sits upon the many waters. The City we are told is the kingdom of Satan and the many waters we are told are the multitudes of people throughout the earth that worship the beast and the false prophet. This city is said to rule over the kings […]

The Book of Revelation – Part 16

I am sure that everyone listening to this podcast has seen the bumper sticker that say “coexist”. Each letter symbolizes a great religion of the world. For many who proudly display this plea there is a reasoning that if they can with their roving auto-witness persuade people from one particular faith to embrace the equal […]

The Book of Revelation – Part 15

I am sure that all of us have felt time drag by, as if a second is an hour. All most of us have to do is think back to being a child trying to make it to Christmas morning. You lay there in your bed and you feel like the night will never end. […]

The Book of Revelation – Part 14

Most people have heard the name; “Lady Jane Gray”, some will even remember that she was a queen of England, albeit for only nine days. What most people don’t know is that she was a highly intelligent young woman with great faith and a great devotion to the doctrines of the Reformation. In the end […]

The Book of Revelation – Part 12

Steven stood surrounded by an angry mob. They were allowing him to speak out of tradition not because they cared about what he had to say. As he recounted the history of the nation of Israel his words condemned them for not being obedient to the Word of God, just as their spiritual forbearers killed the prophets so too did they betray and kill the Messiah. This angered the mob even more and now they were ready to kill this prophet….

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The Book of Revelation – Part 7

Comfort for those Clothed in White

revelation-part-7In episode 47, your hosts, Rob and Bob, discuss chapter 7 of the Book of Revelation.

If like most people you are listening to the radio when you drive you know that usually at the top and bottom of the hour there will be a news update.  Usually this will bring tension just to hear that familiar opening music. It doesn’t help that the news media know that if they present everything as potentially life threatening they will get your attention, which is why according to the news media everything from your toothpaste to tomatoes is going to kill you.  But we are also reminded everyday of every natural and manmade disaster that is taking place around the world.  Floods, fires, wars, rumors of wars, provide the negatively fueled news media an ample supply of stories to terrify us with.  When Jesus used the example of a tower that had fallen over and killed people He used an example that everyone knew.  The fall of this tower was the talk of the town and seems to have been used to teach unrighteous people that unless they repent they will suffer a similar fate.  But Jesus redirected the thinking.  Instead of seeing this as sinners getting what they deserved, Jesus made it clear that the people who died were just as guilty as the people that He was talking with.  Jesus is highlighting to those listening, and to us that we will all die.  We all will suffer the same fate.  Jesus was pointing to the repentance through Faith that leads to life that is the only way to escape everlasting death.  When a volcano explodes or there is a large flood or earthquake not to mention wars where lots of people die, some will be Christians and some will be unbelievers.  So how should we look at these tragedies?  Were they God’s judgments? Were they persecutions?  Was it something that is outside the control of God?  Are there only 144,000 people that will be safe from these kinds of events?

We will discuss these and other questions today on Theology Simply Profound.


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