Westminster was organized in 1950 by a group of people who wanted a congregation where God and his Word would be front and center in all the life of the church. The congregation started with families living in the LaGrange/Westchester area, and has grown to include people from Chicago, Plainfield, Blue Island, and Des Plaines.

We are a Chicago metro-area congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), a fellowship of congregations with its roots in the Reformed and evangelical traditions (see About the OPC for more detail). The OPC seeks to be faithful to God in what we teach, how we reach out, how we organize ourselves, and how we worship. We think that the Presbyterian tradition over the years has done a decent job of doing these things in a manner more or less consistent with the Bible.

The OPC was forced to separate from the PCUSA in the ’30s because of increasing theological liberalism (where some were denying central Christian teachings such as the physical resurrection of Christ, his virgin birth, his second coming, etc.). See Our Beliefs for where we stand. This congregation has been building on the solid foundation of full confidence in Scripture since its inception.

We have been a missions-oriented church across the decades, have supported numerous missionaries, and have seen some of our own people become missionaries and pastors across the country and different parts of the world.

Our congregation has been served over the years by a number of able pastors, including Dr. Edmund Clowney, Lawrence Eyres, Glen Black, Dr. William Bordeaux, Ivan DeMaster, and Charles Telfer. Our present pastor, Robert Tarullo, began his ministry in August of 2012 (see Our Leadership for a short bio). The Lord has blessed us in many ways over the years, and we would love to have the opportunity of sharing some of that with you!