Our Mission

(approved 15 August 2013)

“Westminster Presbyterian Church (OPC) is a Reformed and Presbyterian church in the western suburbs of Chicago. We worship God through the preaching of the gospel, sacraments, and prayer, and through God’s grace we seek to equip God’s people to share the good news, to love their neighbor, and to live a godly life.”

Our Vision

(approved 22 May 2014)

Preface. To accomplish the mission of Westminster Presbyterian Church, we have established a vision (a strategy to accomplish the mission) for our congregation. Our vision includes the transforming work of the Spirit through public worship, growth and discipleship, the training of our membership, personal witness, and outreach and evangelism, through the ministries of mercy and shepherding of the Board of Deacons and the Session.

Our vision is for public worship. We desire our worship to welcome believers and to encourage them in their faith. We will do this by:

  • Worshipping in a biblical, thoughtful, and simple way through the means of grace: Word, Sacrament, and Prayer.
  • Preaching the Word of God in a Christ-centered and gospel-centered way.
  • Celebrating the Lord’s Supper regularly.
  • Engaging in public prayer that cultivates a sense of reverence, joy, and intimacy with God in the hearts of the worshippers.
  • Including our children and encouraging their participation in the worship of God.
  • Singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, including both historic and contemporary psalm and hymn selections that exalt Christ and edify the church.

Our vision is for growth and discipleship: We desire to produce believers who walk with Christ, who treasure Christ above all else, and who seek to please Christ in all areas of life. We will do this by:

  • Teaching the full counsel of God through the ministry of the proclaimed Word.
  • Exhorting believers to a life of prayer, an attitude of grace, and a posture of humility.
  • Instructing and encouraging believers to believe the truths of the gospel, to live by the power of the gospel, and to hold as most precious the hope of the gospel through Sunday school and catechetical classes for all ages.
  • Assisting parents to nurture and to disciple their covenant children in the Christian faith and life.

Our vision is for training our membership: We desire to not only equip the saints in their own growth and discipleship, but also to train them to equip others in their growth and discipleship. We will do this by:

  • Providing opportunities for believers to learn and study the Christian faith in an in depth way.
  • Providing classes for specific opportunities to train believers in personal evangelism, biblical counseling, Bible study leadership, etc, etc.
  • Providing opportunities for believers to exercise their gifts in the service of Christ and his church.
  • Exemplifying Christ-enjoying and life-transforming discipleship in the lives of the pastors, elders, and deacons.

Our vision is for personal witness: We desire to impact the western suburbs of Chicago with the gospel through the personal relationships of the members of Westminster OPC. We will do this by:

  • Equipping members to prayerfully, thoughtfully, and respectfully engage and witness to the unbelieving people in their personal relationships.
  • Encouraging members to invite unbelieving people in their personal relationships to the ministries and community of Westminster.
  • Encouraging members to participate in opportunities to learn how to more confidently communicate their love for Jesus.
  • Exhorting members to adorn the gospel with acts of love and kindness as exemplified in the ministry of the deacons.

Our vision is for outreach and evangelism: We desire to impact our local communities and the world with the gospel. We will do this by:

  • Actively making known the welcoming presence of Westminster OPC in the western suburbs of Chicago specifically and in Greater Chicagoland more generally through the media of radio, internet, and other advertising channels.
  • Prayerfully and financially supporting OPC church-plants throughout Greater Chicagoland and the Presbytery of the Midwest of the OPC and the through the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension of the OPC
  • Prayerfully and financially supporting missionaries in various regions of the world through the Foreign Missions Committee of the OPC.
  • Sending members to encourage missionaries and to prayerfully and financially support them in their labors for the gospel.

Our vision is for ministries of mercy and shepherding. We desire for the deacons and elders to give spiritual care and comfort to the members of Westminster. In addition to those items already mentioned, and with respect to their particular office, the deacons and elders will do this by:

  • Praying for their sanctification and for their needs.
  • Visiting and meeting regularly with them.
  • Providing them with counsel and guidance when appropriate.