Children’s Classes – the Winter Quarter of Sunday school has begun. See Shana Anema for details of the new teacher/student schedule.


Some of our students

    • Ages 0-3: “God’s Family” led by Paula Fry
    • Kindergarten-1st grade: “Living together” led by Shana Anema
    • 3rd-4th grade:  “Worshiping God” led by Maureen McHugh
    • 5thth-6th grade: “Genesis” led by Tyra Horner
    • 7th-8th grade (Jr. High): “The Westminster Shorter Catechism” led by Bob Tarullo
    • High School:  with adults “Who is the Holy Spirit?”

a former high school class with the pastor





Adult ClassesIMG_4369

  • Adult Class.  The adult class meets in the fellowship hall.  We enjoy a discussion of a Bible passage or a book on a Christian topic. For the Winter Quarter, Deacon Matt Anema leads the discussion of Sinclair Ferguson’s “Who is the Holy Spirit?”